Latitude and longitude file

Dear, I need to include new cities in the Latitude and Longitude in the file lat_longs.tsv. Do they need to be unaccented in city names to match that comes from the Gsaid? If I put the accent in the names of cities (lat_longs.tsv) will there be any error if this is not the same as the gsaid metadata (unaccented names of cities)?

Hi @mattoslmp - any accents in the metadata will need to be reflected in the lat/longs file, but the matching is case insensitive (here’s the code we use). If something in the tree doesn’t have a corresponding lat/long value you should get a warning printed from augur export along the lines of “Country → CountryName did not have an associated lat/long value (matching performed in lower case). Auspice won’t be able to display this location.”

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