Selected Sample - Transmission lines

I would like to see the geographic transmission with lines over time for a specific sample. I tried selecting a single sample from phylogenetic tree, but again it showed the transmission map the same way with everything.
Is there anyway to do what I am asking for?
Appreciate any suggestion.

Hi Venkata,
Assuming that transmission lines are available for a specific trait (they are not always available for all geographic values) and that they are ‘turned on’ (see the slider just below ‘Geographic resolution’ on the left menu) then this should be possible - see here:

Can you link the dataset where this isn’t working, by chance? Is this one of the Nextstrain ones, or your own?

It is worth noting that these ‘individual’ transmission lines need to be taken with a large grain of salt. They do not show the transmission patterns for that sample, but rather for the inferred history of that sample - so it’s ancestors as well. And, there’s a good chance they may not be complete - we infer locations with the knowledge we have, but we will never infer from a place where we don’t have a sample during that time (not possible), and it’s also very possible that samples are missing from the transmission chain. So, I would not read very much into these individual views at all!