Nextstrain community builds no dataset available

Dear community,

I am happy that I am finally with the analysis and I want to share it. I am facing one big issue with github and builds. I have even created three different types of directories to ensure it works but I still don’t get to the dataset available.

This is my nextstrain link:

and this is my github link:

Thank you so much in advance,


Hi Dalia – that community URL is working for me so perhaps you’ve solved this already?

To clarify which of your files is being used here, your GitHub repository is “MENA” and so is loading the file ./auspice/MENA_ncov.json within that repo, as well as the associated sidecars (./auspice/MENA_ncov_root-sequence.json etc).

If you were to create a file ./auspice/MENA.json then that would be available at, rather than the splash page which currently lists the available datasets in your repo (currently there’s only 1). Similarly if you create ./auspice/MENA_something.json then that will be available at