Need help installing local instance of Nextclade web

Hello everyone,

I am attempting to deploy a local instance of Nextclade web. I followed the instructions for deploying the local instance but I am unable to do so.
I don’t have experience working with Rust or TypeScript. I would like to get some assistance to deploy a local instance.

Thank you.

Hi @yogesh.harsha,

Nextclade dev here. I can assist you.

Could you please let us know what is your use case for a custom deployment? Most people don’t need this. Perhaps we could suggest an alternative, simpler solution.

If you insist on custom deployment, then follow the Developer guide - Nextclade Web. In the end you should obtain a directory packages/nextclade-web/.build/production/web, which will contain the HTML, CSS, JS and WASM files ready for deployment. You can then copy these files to your favorite web server or web hosting service. In any case, no Rust or Typescript experience is needed (unless you want to also modify Nextclade).

Let me know what concrete difficulties you encountered. Please quote the exact command line invocations as well as any errors or warnings, verbatim.

Hi @ivan-aksamentov ,

Thank you for responding.
We wanted to deploy a local instance of Nextclade Web so that the epidemiologist and some of the folks at the lab can use the local instance instead of using the open source version.

I followed all the steps mentioned in the guide.
I installed rust, nodejs and all other dependencies as per the guide.
cargo install wasm-pack was failing and also the yarn commands were failing.
Let me know if we can hop on a quick call.

@yogesh.harsha It is likely a misconfiguration on your computer or a bug in wasm-pack, and likely has nothing to do with Nextclade. I won’t do a call, but you can post the error messages here and then me or someone else from this forum might be able help.

What is your operating system? What have you tried to resolve the problem?

You could try alternative installation methods from wasm-pack documentation. If nothing works, you could try to reach out to wasm-pack developers for support.

Once wasm-pack is installed and functional, you should be able to resume the build steps from Nextclade dev guide.