"nextclade dataset get" command cannot work

I want to download the dataset sars-cov-2 but when i type “nextclade dataset get --name=‘sars-cov-2’ --output-dir=‘data/sars-cov-2’”,it doesnot work,and returns the error"Error: OptionParseException: Option ‘name’ does not exist". How to solve?

sorry about this. The documentation is out-of-sync. The dataset get will work once we push the new release out the door tomorrow.

see here for more details:

Thanks for your reply. * Looking forward to the new version of your software.

Hi @peilong ,

Nextclade CLI 1.3.0 with datasets feature have been released earlier today. Please give it a new try!

Changelog and binaries: Release 1.3.0 · nextstrain/nextclade · GitHub
Docker tags: Docker Hub
(run docker pull nextstrain/nextclade to get the fresh version)