Problem with Influenza H5N1 tanglegram

I dragged and dropped .jason files for HA and NA into auspice, and was expecting to see a tanglegram connecting all the nodes in both trees, but only a few of them have lines connecting (see image below). The sample descriptions are exactly the same between both trees, so I don’t understand why the tanglegram is not working.

Hi @leocaserta,

The tangletree only connects samples that have the exact same name. For example, if you look at the tangletree for the Nextstrain avian flu builds at, you can see many samples are connected, but not all of them.

If you are able to share your JSONs, I can help you take a look at why your samples are not connecting as expected.


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Hi @joverlee , thank you for your help.
I think I found out the problem. Some strain names were lower case in a tree while they were upper case in the other.