Tracking COVID mutation prevalence with world_variants_summary data?

Hi there
Thanks to the people to build to this website - amazing work! I have downloaded the world_variants_summary dataset and have a question about it.

I am an economist (not an expert in this field!), and am trying to figure out how the prevalence of the new (e.g. “UK”, “South Africa” etc) SARS-CoV-2 mutations are spreading over time. Ideally I want to use the data to create time series for % of tests that have the different types of mutations day-by-day by country. E.g. on a rolling 7-day average basis, as of date X mutation Y has made up Z of tests conducted in Denmark. I.e. I am not looking to create the virus mutation tree charts that I’ve seen around the website.

Can I use the dataset for this? I don’t see any issues with doing this, but I am also not familiar with this type of data.

Thank you for the help and hard work! I would, of course, cite Nextstrain if I end up using the data.

Best regards
Martin Lynge Rasmussen
Strategist, Exante Data