Customizing colors per division/location

What is the most efficient way to customize colors for particular divisions/locations in a build? If you list specific colors in a colors.tsv file in your profile, will this only color those specific regions? Or just override any colors that would have been selected by the default parameters?

I would like to change the colors for a few divisions that are adjacent to each other to make them more distinguishable; however, there are thousands of other sequences in the build. Is the easiest way, to add a colors.tsv file in my profile (with colors specific to these divisions)? Or is it best to just change the order of those divisions in the color_ordering.tsv file?


Hi @seschmedes! Sorry for a little delay in getting back to you, but I’m sure we can help!

So yes, if you supply a new colors file, for any level (like country, division, etc) that you provide colors for, it will only use what you specify in that file - everything else will be grey. Any you don’t specify (if you don’t say anything about ‘region’), will use the defaults.

You can see an example here in my Louisiana build - notice how there are set colors for ‘location’ (see here - note all other locations are grey), but it still uses the default for ‘division’ (see here).

I’ve done this by specifying a particular color file (see it here) in the builds.yaml (see here) - I make a few state builds in this file, and I don’t want the others to have the special location colors, so I only specify this for the Louisiana build.

I you want to change so that the geographic level still has colors for all values but you just want to set specific ones for some of your areas, you can do two things - one is to yes, reorder the color_orderings.tsv file. Alternatively, you could do the above, but copy all the values from the default ‘colors.tsv’ file that’s generated - and then just change to some other color (hot pink?) the ones you want to make really ‘stand out’! The rest will remain the default colors.

I hope all this helps!

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