How to download this data


I have short question about getting the data from the nextstrain website automatically for my bachelor thesis. So I want to write a piece of Python code to download the data automatically.

The data (tsv file) I need to automatically download is available here: auspice

So I actually only need the frequencies per day, but if I would get more I’m still happy. The problem is that I failed to download the data automatically with the fetch method described in the documentations here: Fetch datasets & narratives accessible via a public URL — Nextstrain documentation

How does the link look like to download this data? I always got an error from the website.

Then I tried get the link manually from your download button at the bottom of the page, but that also failed because the download uses a random generated id (like b05827f1-5acc-4440-b0bd-62ae36d9f36e) which seems to be valid only once.

I would be very happy if you could explain to me how to construct a link to get this data. Thank you.

Kind regards
David Scherer

Hello David, did you find out how to download this data?
I also realy need it but didn’t figure it out.
Realy aprreciate your response
Kind regards