Map panel not displaying map

Hi all,

This may be a silly question, but the map on my map panel has disappeared for recent builds, and I don’t know where it has gone. My locations are still plotting as usual, but the map itself that underlies the data is no longer showing.

I’m inclined to think this is something JSON related (rather than auspice related) as the issue occurs on multiple machines. Have I done something glaringly obviously wrong? Or which augur tool’s output would be the one to dig into for figuring out more about the root of this problem?


Here’s a screenshot of what my map panel currently looks like:

Hi, it was discussed there Build with newest nextstrain/ncov has API requests to mapbox 403:Forbidden - #10 by james you need to replace the mapbox string by one of the two we gave, either in the source, or in one of the complied js file (if so you need to recreate the corresponding .js.gz file), or in a json configuration file if you can make it work.

@barneypotter this shouldn’t happen on localhost, how are you running auspice?

On localhost. HOST="localhost" auspice view

It’s definately an auspice problem – nothing in the JSON inputs can cause what you’re seeing. As linked above, we switched to a different mapbox token in v2.22.0 but this is set to allow localhost, and it’s working on the machines I have access to. I wonder if your auspice version is pre-2.22.0, and the tokens we used there have now been inactivated. If this is the case, upgrading auspice should help; bus since you mention it’s happening on multiple machines this may not be the cause. If it’s not this, could you open up dev-tools in your browser and screenshot the requests for the tiles, e.g. this is what I see (on localhost, v2.25.1)


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Updating made the change, so I guess it must have been the tokens inactivating. I assumed since everything I was doing was on localhost this wouldn’t cause the change–especially since I had been fiddling with JSONs a lot they seemed like the more likely source of the issue.

Thanks for your help James!

No worries @barneypotter! If you wish to use your own map tiles, I just wrote a short tutorial on another discussion thread