Tuberculosis data

I have been trying to access Tuberculosis data by the link that shows up when clicking the option (auspice) but nothing loads, the page stays blank and nothing happens. I have never accessed TB before so I’m unsure if this is norma or not, but after 3 days of this happening I decided to report it and see if it’s just me.

I tried accessing it though a MacBook on both Chrome and Safari. Additionally, I tried accessing through my samsung phone and none of these loaded the page.

Welcome, @DiegoO. Sorry for the trouble accessing the TB build. I believe you’re encountering a known issue that arose recently affecting the TB build and some browsers. Chrome is known to be affected, and I can reproduce this myself as of right now.

Can you try Firefox in this case, which has worked in our testing?

For the technically-inclined, the issue is that during loading of the TB dataset, Auspice’s code hits the max JS call stack size. The limits are different across browsers (and maybe platforms). Experimentally, Firefox seems to have a max call stack size of ~25k and Chrome ~11k, which is why Firefox works ok.