Circles on the map


The circles colors are appearing on the map before their genomes are shown in the left-hand panel.

The genomes appearing in the phylogeny in the left panel are correct, but some cities are being marked on the map before appearing in the phylogeny.

Latitude and longitude values are correct.

Any suggestion?

Hi @mattoslmp - do you mean that when using the date range slider, a sample’s circle (deme) appears on the map before it appears on the tree? The deme appears as the branch leading to a tip becomes visible, which may explain what you’re seeing?

Dear @james , yes some sample’s circles appear on the map before it appears on the tree.

@james , any suggestion? Some sample’s circles appear on the map before it appears on the tree.

For your geographic resolution (selectable via a dropdown in the sidebar), have you inferred this value for internal nodes? If so, the map deme (circle) will count these as well as sampled tips.

If the selected geographic resolution is not annotated for internal nodes, then a deme (circle on the map) should appear simultaneously with the branch becoming thicker (“on”) and the tip becoming visible. This happens when a sample’s date falls within the selected time range.

@james didn’t specify all internal nodes (location) of division for geographic resolution in the build.yaml script. The location is not selectable via dropdown, in the side bar, but even so these are showing up on the map, before be shown in the nodes of the phylogenetic tree. How could I configure the (deme) to appear only when the sample appear in the tree? it is something related to the internal branches of the phylogenetics tree, or a configuration from my build.yaml file.

Is this dataset public? If so, send me the link & i’ll try to explore this in more detail. Also, is this happening for all tips, or only certain tips?

Dear @james , can I send you the dataset by E-mail? its is happening for several tips.

Sure - you can send me a direct message on this discussion forum.