Thank you to all the Nextstrain tutorials and examples provided.
Our team successfully generate map for following the local outbreak.

And now we would like to add more information to our map by starting with the description part.
I tried to follow instructin for for my

Acknowlegement to data pre-processing and open-source tools from [nextstrain]( ([augur](, [auspice](, and [ncov workflow](

## Highlight
Text content here

## Background
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### Subtitle 
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### Subtitle 
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#### Link Chart of Epidemiological Associations

![Link Chart of Epidemiological Associations](
![Link to local case connection](

And run the analysis with our data

The heading format works properly but the picutres and webpage cannot be displayed as expected.

Is there instruction documents that I can follow to modify the description file?

Thank you very much in advance!

[ I answered in the second asking at Need help in composing description file. ]