Nextstrain community hosting with git-lfs?

Hi all,

I’ve been running some rather large SARS-CoV-2 builds recently, and I’ve had a few json files that have tipped over the 100MB limit for GitHub. I have been using the community build site to host older versions of these builds, but I’m wondering if it is possible to use git-lfs for such files, or if that will gum up the works?


Hi @barneypotter! You can host your community JSONs on Git LFS (as of September 2020). We haven’t documented this functionality on the community builds docs, but it looks like a canonical example is the BioHub’s covidtracker build for California.

Related functionality I’ve found myself reaching for in the past was the ability to host compressed JSONs on GitHub and have them be parsed properly, but I’m not sure this is supported. @james or @trs could probably confirm.

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Hey @jlhudd, thanks for your quick reply!

This is great news, and will definitely save a lot of headache!
I would be very interested to hear about compressed JSON support, as I think that would be a bit more intuitive–at least for as long as LFS isn’t part of the “core” git.
For now this will be great though.

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